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This is a condensed version of the full documentary: Whistleblower: The Truth About Our Cellphones, by Klaus Scheidsteger, a journalist whose research and work on the EMF phenomenon started after he discovered that a close friend was suffering from the effects of Electromagnetic pollution.

The documentary features Dr. George Carlo, an American epidemiologist and world recognized medical scientist who, from 1993-1999, headed the first telecommunications industry-backed studies into the dangers of cell phone use. That program remains the largest in the history of the issue. The findings were suppressed, however, when his findings revealed preventable health hazards associated with cell phone use. The industry then published its own studies which ignored the inherent risks of cell phone use. Dr. Carlo's house was destroyed by arson, but he still works to bring the issue to light.

The documentary also features a technology called the memon Telephone Transformer (www.memonyourharmony.com) which is designed to counteract the negative side-effects of telephone and mobile phone radiation.

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